Saturday, May 21, 2016

Winning awards is rewarding... so happy to share my award and metal with you, my supporters : )

Hey everyone,

So, many of you know I won an IP award for The Pancake Menu... The award ceremony was last week in Chicago, but I was unable to go. Although, yesterday in the mail all my stuff came! I was over the moon...
 My daughter took this picture for me and I'm wearing my CBW-LA shirt too--I'm the board Secretary for that non-profit writing group. They helped my book become a reality in a big way.

Then here is my lovely picture of the certificate, medallion, and the book with the sticker seal! Some of you may have a copy of my book with "Featured on Good Morning America" in that spot, but now I will put the seal on the outside and the GMA sticker on the inside. : )

Anyway, I wanted to share my exciting adventures in writing math-related children's books! Take care everyone!

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Math activity Thursday (M.a.Th.) is back as a video series!

Hey everyone,

I'm finally doing it! I'm bringing Math activity Thursday back but instead of a normal blog post I have made it a video that you can watch and possibly duplicate or implement.

So here's the first M.a.Th. -- Washing dishes and timing it!

Now, I set the timer for 60 minutes. How long do you think it took me to wash that sink full of dishes?

Once you have your guess you can see my big clue.  The second time I recorded when I stopped the timer was 47:32.

Now, how much time elapsed? That will reveal the answer. Was your guess close? Share in the comments what you got as the answer and please share your guess : )

If you wanted to stretch math even further you could add up all the items I washed and see how fast my average time was per item.

Thanks for joining me and I hope you'll come again to play some activities on Math activity Thursday!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Going to be on a Parent Podcast and Upcoming M.a.Th. video series!

Hey everyone!
So, I have super exciting news that I will be broadcast on We Choose Respect ParentCast soon!

I had the interview today and it was great talking about how fun hands-on math play can be and how simple and easy parents can make it!

Also, I'm working on a new Math activity Thursday series, but this time it is going to be on my YouTube channel as a video series! I hope to have more parents/teachers onboard doing math activities with me each Thursday!  I'm new at this so my videos will be pretty homemade looking until I can figure out how to make them more snazzy : )

Stay tuned!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Getting recognition : )

I worked so much to produce a beautiful and helpful product and I am so grateful to the Independent Publishers Book Award judges for awarding The Pancake Menu the Bronze medal : )

They tweeted about it today!

Friday, April 22, 2016

Annual Take Your Kids to Work day at Google LA-- visit to YouTube Space!

Hi All,

Last year about this time I didn't post about the annual Take your kids to work day at Google since I got to fly out and be on Good Morning America the next day.

Yesterday I got to go with my kids and visit the Los Angeles YouTube Space. A free studio for YouTube producers to use once you have 10,000 or more subscribers.  I did get to go last year, but this year was also super fun!

The first place we went to this time was the supply room. Normally you can't go back there. This is the area where all the equipment is stored and when you go to shoot there you fill out a supply form and the attendants will stock a dolly of all the equipment ordered and you get to set it up in the studio/room you have been assigned.
Next up was seeing some of the sound rooms and green rooms, control station, audio room and we got to speak with a couple YouTubers there (Vagabrothers and SandiBalloons) .  It was a lot of fun!
YouTube producers put so much time and effort into their videos. It was amazing to see how much was going on in the YouTube Space. In fact, I'm thinking and planning to do a weekly MaTh (Math activity Thursday) video series on my Kids Math Teacher channel. So please subscribe : )

Are you excited to see what fun math activities we can do each week? What would you want to see on the videos?

One of my goals is to get to 10,000 subscribers and get to make cool cooking tutorials to put a QR code in my Pancake Menu books!  BTW, here is what my book looks like with the awesome IP Bronze award sticker!
Thanks for your support!
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