Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Preparing for presentations and selling at The Great Homeschool Convention in Ontario, CA

Hello everyone,

I'm prepping to go to The Great Homeschool Convention in a couple days in Ontario, CA! The Great Homeschool Conventions host four conventions a year in the spring in different places in the US.

For a smaller business like mine it was a big leap to be a vendor, but I hope to be able to share my knowledge as I give two talks and as I sell my book there.

My talks are entitled "Making Math Interactive: Tips & Tricks for how to turn math problems and everyday items into hands-on fun!" and "Hands-on Math Activities: How to connect everyday activities with math and get kids excited about it!"  I am happy to share the hand out with you after my presentation!

The convention goes on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, and luckily I get to give my presentations first thing Friday morning, two one hour sessions almost to back with a 30 minute break between sessions.  I have some great tips and suggestions planned as well as talking a bit about my book : )
Wish me luck! Thanks!

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Introducing a wonderful FREE calculator app that shows addition & subtraction--MegaPro Calculator 5000!

Hi everyone,

I'm super excited to share with you a new FREE and helpful app to show your kids how to add and subtract.  You can find it today for all your Apple devices, although the creator recommends it for the iPad the most.

Here is the little video so you can see how it works and I have a few screenshots down below...

It looks like an amazing tool for teachers to let young kids see what is happening as they add and subtract. The creator, Chris Ternoey, originally made it to be able to show his daughters how math calculations work and it has become a passion project for him to be able to share with the world.

Here is how it works...

It's so simple and really engages the children to understand what is happening with the place value system!

I hope you and your students will enjoy this great new app and tell all your teacher friends about it. Thanks Chris for creating such a neat product and selling it for free!

Thursday, June 9, 2016

#Inspired2Educate $2000 winner each month for sharing your story!

I'm happy to share with you a scholarship opportunity for educators! It's called #Inspired2Educate

Inspired2Educate - Kermit Randa, CEO PeopleAdmin from PeopleAdmin on Vimeo.

You can enter for a chance to win $1000 for your professional development and $1000 to your educational institution! Just share your story or video of who has inspired you in education.

Check out insp2ed.org and consider sharing your story for a chance to win one of the monthly scholarships! Make sure to let others know about #Inspired2Educate as well. They want to recognize and praise educators and who inspired them.

Thanks for reading and best of luck!

Friday, June 3, 2016

Guest blogger or assistant? Anyone want to be part of a good cause?

Hi Everyone!

I would love to post more fun hands-on math activities here on kidsmathteacher.com but there is only one of me and I'd love to have your help!

So, I'm reaching out to any teacher, parent, or someone passionate about math and education if you want to contribute to make kidsmathteacher.com a more awesome resource.

Here are some ways the site could use help.

  • Help with posts of hands-on math activities for K-5.
  • Idea help and production of videos for M.a.Th. (Math activity Thursday)
    • You can help with just idea help (brainstorming fun activities to do...)
    • Or maybe you love to edit video and want to help that way...
  • Do math-related kids book reviews!
  • Help make TpT resources and get a cut of the profits ; )
  • Volunteer to do a guest blog post.
I'd really love any help any one would like to give, but if there are no takers I will continue to give you the best content I can (all by my lonesome).

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Winning awards is rewarding... so happy to share my award and metal with you, my supporters : )

Hey everyone,

So, many of you know I won an IP award for The Pancake Menu... The award ceremony was last week in Chicago, but I was unable to go. Although, yesterday in the mail all my stuff came! I was over the moon...
 My daughter took this picture for me and I'm wearing my CBW-LA shirt too--I'm the board Secretary for that non-profit writing group. They helped my book become a reality in a big way.

Then here is my lovely picture of the certificate, medallion, and the book with the sticker seal! Some of you may have a copy of my book with "Featured on Good Morning America" in that spot, but now I will put the seal on the outside and the GMA sticker on the inside. : )

Anyway, I wanted to share my exciting adventures in writing math-related children's books! Take care everyone!

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