Saturday, October 25, 2014

#flymath blog hop! All about place value!

Hey Teachers!
Some fellow elementary math blogging buddies and I are doing this fun blog hop.  I'm stop number 15!  You're getting close to the end--I promise.  I have some great stuff for you...

First, I must tell you--I LOVE TO TEACH PLACE VALUE.  So much, in fact that I've written some children's books that reinforce the concept--one is awaiting a publisher to take it on and an older version is available for digital download in my shopping area and my teacher stores on TpT and TN--it's called Trouble with Monkeys: A place value story.
I love that book, but I know not everyone is ready and able to get the paid products, so I have a freebie for you farther down the post!

When teaching place value, it helps kids to start off with tactile objects and to write expanded form (ex. 19 is 10+9). In a blog post I did last year I showed how you can take candy corn, put them in bundles of 10 and then in a bowl or box of 100.  Talk with the students how easy it is to identify how many candies you have if they are organized this way.
I think it also helps kids to see it as an equation too.  100 + 20 + 7=127 , or if you want to expand it further (100x1)+(10x2)+(1x7)=127.

That's it! Once students get this concept and practice it, they won't need to use objects anymore, but the truth is--they love when they can play with stuff!

So, now for the freebie!  Here is an accompaniment to my book and it has 1-20 and multiples of ten up to one hundred showing how oranges can be packed.  Single oranges, then bags of ten, and a box holds one hundred.  The story goes even further though : ), it goes to millions!

You can get the following free 1-20+tens to 100 cards HERE or on my TpT and TN stores.
Now, after you have your freebie, don't forget to keep going through the blog hop!

Have a great time with place value!


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