Monday, April 1, 2013

Math activities with APPLES

Yep, I'm going with A for Apple.  There are an so many hands-on activities to do with apples--and they all have to do with math (but make it more fun).  For the topics that are more advanced for your student/child, you can figure out the answer for them and they might enjoy knowing that you can find averages, totals, and more complex info.  Enjoy!

  • Go to the store to buy apples.
    • How many apples make a pound?  (counting and weight)  
    • What will be the price the amount you need to buy? (Weigh your apples, then multiply it by the cost per pound to find your total.
    • Is your bunch of apples within your budget? (Give a budget amount-like $3- and have them stay within that amount.)
    • Can you figure out the amount of change from your budgeted amount? (money and subtraction)
  • Eating apples.
    • How many bites does it take you to eat a whole apple? (counting)  How long did that take? (Time it and see!)  Find the average time for each bite. (Take your number of bites divided by the total time.)
    • Cut the apple into slices (eighth is probably easiest). (fractions)
      • How many slices can you eat? (adding fractions)
      • If you have to share the apples with a group--divvy them out equally. (dividing fractions).  Are there any left over?  Can you cut the piece to divide the apples equally?
        • Time your group of apple eaters for a minute and count how many apple fractions are left compared to your total. (subtracting fractions)
  • Random other ideas...
    • Make patterns with colored apples.
    • Find the circumference around the circle part of your apple. (geometry measurements)
    • How many apples fit in different size bowls. (counting and spacial measurement)
    • Make graphs using apples.
      • Who in the class likes green vs. red?
What other things can you do with your student/child and APPLES?

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