Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Math Activities with Clocks

Clocks are useful and the ability to read an analog clock is a skill many kids (and some adults) struggle with.  Today I'll give some activities and things to do with the 12-hour analog clock and the 24-hour clock.
  • Above is the 12-hour standard analog clock, assuming we are using AM and PM times. (Thanks to French homeschooling website for the image).
    • Use the above image to draw a certain time.
      • I have a stamp like this one where I made a memory game.
      • Show what it means to go clockwise and counter-clockwise.  (right and left, directions)
    • You can use the image above as a pie graph to chart the time a child works on a chore or a task (For example: if a child reads for 10 minutes fill in a pie piece from 12-2).
    • Do a Google image search of "analog clocks" and see if you can read all the times.
    • You can talk about time zones and how different places in the world are at a later or earlier time than yourselves.
You can talk about 24-hour clocks.  There are 24 hours in a day after all.  Many parts of the world use the 24-hour time.
    • With either the 12-hour or 24-hour clock you can list activities you are doing during certain times of the day.
      • Talk about schedules and length of activities that your favorite hobbies take...How long does a soccer game last?  Are there breaks between these sports--quarters, half-times? (You're talking about fractions and you probably don't even realize it.)
    • Did you know there is another way the 24-hour clock can be seen other than the analog and digital?  Have you heard of a binary clock?
I didn't know about them until my husband got one as a Christmas present.  He showed me and the kids how to read it.  This is the best tutorial I found about it...    Watch "Binary Clock Tutorial" on YouTube
I guess you can get the binary clock app for your smart phone too...
    • When learning about the binary clock there is a good kids book that describes what binary numbers are in good detail.  It's...
    • You might find it in your local library.  I found it very informative (although it may take a few days to go through with your child or class).  It is a fascinating subject and may intrigue your young student too.
What is your favorite clock type? Analog or digital?  Do you use a 24-hour clock?


  1. I had never heard of a binary clock before. This will be a fun lesson for my small people.

    Tales of a Pee Dee Mama

  2. Technically, the binary (BCD, really) clock can be both 24- or 12-hour. It's a setting.

  3. Hi! I caught your name on the A to Z Challenge list and thought I would check you out! I am glad I did. I have an educational blog to pass on to the grandbabes! Happy April and much success to you!

  4. We have analog around the house simply because I insist the kids know how to read it. Digital is kept by the bed so my husband can see what time it is from his side without waking me up at an ungodly hour.

    As for me... I prefer island time. :)

  5. I love your blog! I have 2 blogs, one is my teacher blog- My KinderGarden along with my single parenting blog My Life With a Boy I look forward to reading more math lessons.

    1. Thanks. I will look at your teacher blog. I really hope to get into that group of bloggers. Are there many teacher blogs? Can you help spread the word about my blog? I would appreciate it : )

    2. I am just getting started with the teacher blogging group but I will help all I can. There are TONS of teacher blogs! Teacher Blog Traffic School is a 'program' that teaches y how to build your blog/brand. You do pay for it, but I have just joined and I have already learned enough that I feel it was money well spent.

  6. I've been kind of a time freak since I was a kid. I remember learning to use the traditional 12 hour clock with one where we could set the hands to show the time. Learning to tell time was an important step for me as a child and I've been a clock watcher ever since.

    Wrote By Rote
    An A to Z Co-host blog

    1. I consider myself a clock watcher too. Thanks for stopping by again--especially when you have plenty of blogs to visit.

  7. Hi, a lot of great info on clocks. Will share with my daughter tomorrow if she wants. She is on spring break.


    Mary Hill

  8. Hi Lucy, I have both analog and digital clocks in my home. I prefer analog. I have never heard of binary clocks I'll have to check out the youtube. Great tips!

    Chontali Kirk

  9. Brilliant! I remember doing a few of these. (Still have trouble with time occasionally!)


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