Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Math activities with the color Orange!

The color orange is so cheery and bright.  You can probably use any color you choose to do these activities.

Get a bag and pick up all you can find that has the color orange (you could be given a timed amount like 3 minutes if you want to make it more fun).
  • How many items did you find?  What is the biggest item?  What is the smallest?  About how much do they weigh? (You could do subtraction by using a scale with and without your items to find their approximate weight)
  • What are the shapes of your items?  Can you measure their length and width?
  • Make an accurate pie chart based on your items.
    • Since I found 7 items I would start with finding out how many degrees each pie section should be (360°/7=51.4°).  I would draw that out and label: 2/7 fruit, 1/7 vegetables, 2/7 writing utensils, 1/7 toys, and 1/7 lids.
Do you have some other ideas?
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