Thursday, April 11, 2013

Math activities with Jackets

You can do math activities with sizes, colors, and varieties of jackets...

  • Sort all the jackets by color...How many are blue, white, orange, etc.?
    • Make a graph.  You could do less specific coloring--light vs. dark.
  • Sort the jackets by plain vs. ones with emblems or hoods vs. no hoods.  What percentages are they?
  • Make a pattern with them and have your classmates see if they can recognize the pattern.
  • Wade a jacket up to a ball and see who can toss it the farthest--measure the distance.
  • See how many jackets you can put on until you can't move your arms--then have people guess how many jackets you are wearing.
  • Find out the total cost of the jackets using the purchase price.
What other activities can you come up with using JACKETS?
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