Monday, April 22, 2013

Math activities with Rectangles

A rectangle is one of my favorite shapes--probably because they are everywhere!

  • Draw a rectangle on graph paper.
    • How many other shapes can you draw inside it?  A square, more rectangles, triangles, circles.
    • What is the area inside the rectangle?
    • What is the perimeter measurement.
  • Go into one room in your house.
    • Estimate how many rectangles are in the room.
      • Write or draw on a piece of paper how many things in the room are made of rectangles. (For example a bookcase--and how many rectangles does it have in it--the shelves and the books)
    • Is the room a rectangle?  Can you find the area of the room?
Can you find 20 rectangles around you in 30 seconds or less?  Hint: you're already staring at one reading this.

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