Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Math activities with Zoos

I LOVE the zoo.  Hippos have always been one of my favorite animals for some reason.

Here's some things you can do with your kids/class at the zoo.

  • Looking at a map of the zoo, take a survey of who wants to see what animals.  Turn the results into a graph.
  • Keep a log of how many animals you see in each exhibit.  What does the zoo have the most of?
  • Count how many steps it takes to go from one exhibit to the next.
  • Calculate how much money it would cost to feed one of the animals--like one tiger.  If it eats 30 pounds of meat each day and the meat cost $3 a pound how much would that be each day?
  • Each time you go to an exhibit count how many people are there with you.  Can you time how long each person stays to watch the animals?
  • Draw a map of the zoo you went to or make one up.  Put grid lines on it and you can label it.  
    • Here is my drawing--can you find which box my favorite Hippos are in?
      What's your favorite animal at the zoo?
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