Friday, May 3, 2013

More fractions with egg cartons!

Looking back on the A to Z blog challenge, the most popular day by far was my Math activities with eggs post.

I LOVE that post too!  I think it is so neat to teach fractions with a dozen.  With a dozen you can teach halves, thirds, fourths, sixths, and twelfths!  I have written a children's book that has a story and supports these concepts, but I'm still trying to get a contract with a literary agent or publisher (keep your fingers crossed that my submission to the Scholastic editor I met will be a good one).

Now I will expand how you might teach these fractions to young children--this would be applicable for first and second graders (but can be even younger)...
  • Play with the plastic eggs in the egg carton and draw it on your carton paper (you can make one, or I plan on making one to be sold on TpT soon).
    • Draw lines dividing up the carton into equal sections.  You may need to show them that they can be split into twelfths, sixths, fourths, thirds, and halves...
    • Show them how to write a fraction (numerator is the number that are there and denominator is the number of equal parts)
    • Find the equivalents. 2/12=1/6, etc. You will see that kids can even find difficult ones too!  Can you spot the ones I did?

Let me know how your lesson goes with your student(s)...
Do you want to see more fractions with egg cartons?

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