Thursday, June 20, 2013

MaTh activity Thursday: 3D shapes

Sorry I'm so late on posting this activity for Thursday, but feel free to link up for the next couple of days.

From yesterday I asked the question, 'How can you teach math with a bowl of blueberries?'  No one answered, but I bet a few of you were thinking about it.  Here are ideas you could do with that bowl of blueberries...

  • Chart how they taste (sour, firm, squishy, etc.)
  • Count up as you eat them.
  • Do skip counting as you eat them.
  • Divide them into groups to figure out how many their are.
Okay, now on to MaTh activity Thursday!

Today I'm doing three-dimensional (3D) shapes.  Is it ever too early to teach your kids 3D shapes?  I don't think so, but I'd love to hear what you think.  I am working on a board book that has these shapes in it, so I decided to make them (ideally the book would come with blocks, but I made them out of an empty cereal box).
The only one I couldn't make out of a cereal box was the sphere.  I got a ping pong ball instead.  Then I decided to make a holder for the shapes with names to label the shapes...
Kids can have fun with 3D shapes discussing the sides, angles, curves, and aspects of each shape.  I had fun making these and hopefully you can have fun exploring 3D shapes with your kids too.  There was a neat website I found that had many more ways to make polyhedra out of paper that was fun.

What's your favorite 3D shape?
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