Monday, September 9, 2013

Easy symmetry activity with paint

Here's an easy activity with symmetry that is fun (but can get messy).

This project is really fun with almost any age!  I had fun doing it : )

As you talk about symmetry with your students you can
  • Discuss the x-axis and the y-axis (and even tell them about the positive and negative sides.
  • Talk about prepositions: Right, left, above, below, beside, next to, etc.
  • You can discuss how your globs of paint changed shape a bit.  In my example there are now 4 separate parts of blue, 2 red shapes, and one yellow shape.  
  • To give older kids a challenge, they can measure and pinpoint the parts that did not come out exactly symmetrical ; )

Have fun with symmetry!  Drawing with symmetry is also fun, but I find the paint so tempting : )

See you Thursday, where I hope you can link up with MaTh activity Thursday!
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