Thursday, September 19, 2013

MaTh activity Thursday: Temperature & Math

 So, kids know when it's hot and when it's cold, but do they know about temperatures?

Time to get out a thermometer and read it.  The neat thing about thermometers are they are a vertical number line!  Here is a link to a printable one.

When using thermometers it is good arithmetic practice.

My suggested activity is a simple one.  Supplies: A thermometer paper and red and blue poker chips in a brown bag.

  • Pick a starting temperature.
  • Randomly pick out a handful of poker chips.  Red are rising (+) temperatures and blue are cooling (-) temperatures.
  • After you have added and subtracted, draw the new temp (optional: you could draw a scene that would go with that temperature).
  • Repeat as much as you want ; )

What activities do you like to do with temperatures?  Feel free to link up any math post!

Now I am off to a working writers retreat for the weekend (I still have to pack).  I'm so excited to meet a few editors and agents for children's books.  And, as always, hoping someone will love my math-related children's picture books I have.  Wish me luck!
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