Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Winners and Trouble with Monkeys now selling!

Happy new year everyone!  Yay for 2014!  I had 15 lucky winners for my giveaway of my 32 page math concept picture book--Trouble with Monkeys: A place value story.  I also made this colorful page! (although the book is in black and white)
It is live here at Teachers pay Teachers and Teachers Notebook.  I even have a A4 page format for you here on TpT.  I am having another giveaway on TeachersNotebook here (runs through 1/10/14) if you missed my giveaway on the blog.  Also, very exciting... my good friend is going to translate it into Spanish so pretty soon there will be a bilingual version too!

I will be back tomorrow for MaTh (Math activity Thursday) where you can link up any math related post!
I still need to make a schedule for it--any suggestions?  Do you like when I do common core standards?  Or should I go with another theme?

See you tomorrow!  And again, happy new year!!!

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