Saturday, February 1, 2014

Currently February

Wow!  January just came and left.  That was fast.  That means it's time to link up with Farly at Oh Boy for the month's Currently linky party.
Okay, so here it goes...

Listening: By now my kids are way past their reading and still playing around.  To be a kid again and be able to play around...

Loving: Life.  It's going well and I have nothing to complain about. : )  I'm grateful for that.

Thinking: Okay, it's quieted down for a moment.  I'm thinking how much I enjoy blogging to get to meet other teacher bloggers out there.  As a stay-at-home mom currently it is nice to relate to teaching again (even though I only taught for a short time before kids) : )  I still go into my kids classes as volunteers whenever I can.

Wanting:  To get my hair trimmed.  I haven't gotten it cut in I don't know how long...  Sleeping in--it happened one time this past year and I'm hoping to get another day someday.

Needing: To stick to my schedule.  I made a blogging and writing schedule for myself.  I have been okay--but I think there is room for improvement.

2 truths and a fib:  I'll start with the truths.

  • I do wish I had more time for my unfinished sewing projects.  It's hard to get them out with a baby and toddler around.
  • I actually do have a blogging assistant.  She doesn't do posts for me, but she helps me with graphics and gives me ideas.  We also work on teacher products together : )  Wiljay is awesome!
  • The fib: Running.  I don't enjoy running.  I could run a 6 minute mile in 9th grade, but I never really enjoyed it.  I'd much rather be playing tennis.
That's it for now.  I'm excited to see other people's currently posts.


  1. I found you through Farley's linky. I started blogging while staying home with my daughter as a way to prepare myself for returning to the classroom. I'm planning to stay home next year, too. I think blogging is a great way to stay connected! I used to have a lot of time for scrapbooking and wish I could still carve out that time.
    Stories by Storie

    1. Thanks for stopping by! About to go check out your blog and others with the linky.

  2. Hey there! Found you through Farley's Currently! I totally know what you mean about loving blogging to find other great blogs and ideas! Glad I stumbled on yours today! :-)
    BigTime Literacy

    1. Hope it comes in handy when you're teaching. : )

  3. I am not sure anyone truly loves running. I always love the way it make me feel and the feeling of accomplishment after a fun, but running itself will never be something I love.

    The Math Maniac


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