Thursday, May 15, 2014

MaTh activity Thursday: 4.MD.C.5 & 4.MD.C.6

Hey there, time for MaTh!  4th grade focus this month, so link up any posts if you have them or want to make one : )

4.MD.C.5 and 4.MD.C.6 are all about geometric measurement with a focus on angles--knowing how to measure angles and make them.

For this activity I got out my handy Spiral Draw (Klutz) book and started playing around.

After I drew one of the designs I decided to explore it.
(unfortunately my picture from this post got deleted.  Hopefully I can replace them soon)

I wondered how far apart each rotation was.  I couldn't find a protractor, but I did have a right angle.  I know a right angle is 90 degrees, so I counted how many times there was a tip (rotation) in that angle.  It looked like exactly 9, meaning it would be 10 degrees.

But then, I need to know if it is really 10 degrees each.  I tried another design...also had 9 points in 90 degrees.

If it is ten degrees exactly there would be 36 tips or points around the whole circumference.  Turns out there were only 35, so then I have the problem 360 divided by 35.

That turned out to be 10.28...

So, without a protractor we were able to figure out the angles for this circular scenario.  A protractor comes in handy when drawing angles with a specific degree though.

Have fun with angles and try to apply them to everyday experiences...  Can your students figure out how many degrees apart the minutes are in a clock face?  Pick a time and find out how many degrees there are between the hour hand and minute hand.

Thanks for joining me and see you next week : )

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