Thursday, June 19, 2014

Currently June--finally linking up : )

Hey, I'm finally getting to the Currently Linky.  It has been busy lately!  Linking up with Farley at OhBoy...
Listening:  Well, I was listening to nothing.  That was amazing since I have five kids--but since we had an outing today the little ones are out for the count and the older ones were busy playing on the computer and watching things.  Since I made the graphic my daughter came in wondering how old you have to be to have a blog--I thought it might be 13... anyone know?

Loving: I love summer and progress.  Summer can be fun and I feel it is a different kind of progress than when my kids are in school.  We can be more relaxed but still get stuff done.

Thinking: Just a little more progress would be awesome!  My toddlers take up so much time!  Just this past month they have made several messes that took a couple minutes to make but hours to clean up after--no fun!  (Example: Dumping all the fish food in the aquarium and a bucket of toys!)

Wanting: More date nights with my husband.  I feel like I don't get to go out (even a walk around the block would suffice) that much.  There have been a couple times where we let the kids be alone (the oldest one turns 13 in a week) and they are responsible.  My kids are at the awkward stage where some of them are too old for a babysitter but not old enough to be left with the little ones for too long.

Needing: It has been on my agenda to make a blog schedule for over three months!  I would love to pre-schedule posts but I never seem to get motivated.  What is my problem?  Do you schedule your posts ahead of time?  Getting more products out would be awesome too!

Summer bucket list:  Need to keep waking up early so I can draw for my book.  I was good last week but this week I only got to it once--hopefully I will be good tomorrow.  Also, getting out with the kids this summer would be great.  Living in Los Angeles there is so many places to go to--as long as you prep for the traffic you will encounter getting there : )

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  1. Hi Lucy, you have a great blog! I know I'm going to find heaps of useful things on here :) Hope you get that date night out with your hubby soon!

  2. I am right there with you with the posting schedule -- that is one of my goals for the summer!

  3. Oh my goodness! I was just commenting on another blog about why this blogging thing proves to be so difficult. :) It doesn't seem like it should be that hard, but it has been for me! I'm thinking a schedule and post plan would be helpful for me as well. Sometimes I find that I have so much running through my mind that I end up sharing nothing! Best of luck to you - oh, and fish food in the toys, priceless! I know it seems hard right now, but you have some prime memories and time with your babies right now! Enjoy it. stinky fish food and all! :D They grow up so fast. (That makes me sound like an old lady! But as my son prepares for high school, it's hitting me hard that he will only live here for a few more years! Scary!)

    Smiles ~ From First to Fourth []

    1. Thanks for your comments Julie! Too true about so many things to post about that then equals no post! My oldest only have one year left of middle school. Have several kids it always amazes me how they all grow so fast (shouldn't one just stay the same for a year while the others grow?! hehe)


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