Thursday, July 3, 2014

Kindergarten MaTh with newly designed linky! Play Captain Spic and Span with your child

Hey everyone!  It is July which means a new month for MaTh (math activity Thursday).   It's time for Kindergarten MaTh all month!  I changed the format for the linky : )  so now you take the image and input your stuff to add to the party!  You can even reuse part of an old post to turn it into part of the MaTh linky.  Here's your copy...

I want to give a special shout out to one of my blogging friend who always is so supportive--Tara at The Elementary Math Maniac.  Thanks for always visiting Tara!

Now, for my Kindergarten MaTh!  I picked a hands-on activity which is more home based, but it could apply to the classroom.

Activity Name:  Captain Spic and Span
Concepts:  Sort and Classify
Supplies:  A disorganized drawer, containers to divide the drawer into sections.
Time Needed:  15 minutes (but can vary)
  • Have Captain Spic and Span pick a drawer to work on.
  • Start by picking out items that are similar and put them into piles.
  • Once you have your different piles, have the Captain explain how they sorted them.  
    • One pile might have pens, pencils, crayons--to the child it might be 'things you draw with' while another child might sort it differently--let the child say what the classification is.
  • Take out any trash/crumbs or items that don't belong in the drawer.
  • Look for containers that could work with your drawer size and would help divide up the drawer (tupperware, 99 cent store finds, or baking pans work great for this) and will fit your classified items.
  • Have fun rearranging the drawer to look new.
  • Thank Captain Spic and Span for a job well done!



  1. This seems like a good way to organize my junk drawers with my 4 year old! Thanks for the shout-out! LOVE the linky graphic.

    The Math Maniac

  2. Sorry I missed the Thursday link-up! I love this idea. I’m sharing this post on my new #TrendingInMath feature tomorrow! :)

    Math Coach’s Corner

    1. Hi Donna, thanks for stopping by! I love your blog! Anyone can add to the linky throughout the month but I post on Thursdays. Each month it rotates through the Elementary grade levels.


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