Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Measuring Success...

I talk about measurement a lot (measuring inches, feet, etc.), but how do you measure success?

Lately I've been reading a great book.

It has a bunch of great tips and strategies to keep someone on their own personal road to success.  I am half-way through the book and I'm loving it!  I must admit, I'm not a procrastinator so this book is perfect for me.  It talks about dreaming big and doing what you need to do to make those dreams happen.  Persistence is key and a good attitude certainly helps.

Sorry to go off the math-focus here, but I really recommend this book.  Jack makes it so easy to use the outlined principles for your own goals.  A lot of reflection is needed as you read, at least if you want to get the most out of the principles he states in the book.  There is a good reason it's been on the NY Times Bestseller list!

Here are a few of my big goals.

  • Sell 15 million copies or more of my first book in five years.
    • Every elementary school in America will have a copy for their school library.
    • My Kickstarter campaign in January will be a great success and sell over 10,000 copies.
Do you have any big goals?

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