Thursday, November 13, 2014

Money freebie which will always be free! Plus, MaTh with a play store! 4.MD.A.2

How often is money ever free?  Well, I believe kids should be able to play with pretend money as much as they want!  It's great practice with math skills.

So, I want to make sure everyone knows that on you can print play #MenuMoney whenever you need to.  It lasts longer if you put it on cardstock and it looks really cool when the cardstock is bright and colorful!
While the money is meant to be played with the books I am publishing, it can also be used anytime to help you as your students practice with money!  I don't have the penny shown here, but there is one on the site.

I hope you enjoy them and can put them to good use.  Here is an activity you can do with your students!

I'd love to see what MaTh things you can share too.  You can link up each month as we rotate through the grade levels K-5 every six months : )

Here's your template if you want to make up a Math activity!
See you next time!

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