Friday, May 8, 2015

My Good Morning America appearance and book update!

It's been a few weeks... I did great on my brief segment on Good Morning America! Here is the segment in case you wanted to see it : )
ABC News Videos | ABC Entertainment News

Right after the show the lack of sleeping well took a toll on me and I was sick for a while, really needing to rest up. With support from family and friends I am almost back to my normal, active self (Yay!!!).  I am so excited about my book coming out!

It is with the printer now and will be ready to be distributed by it's July release date : ) You can still pre-order an autographed copy at...
Thank you for your support of math education and super hands-on fun!

I do post updates of the book on my Kickstarter page.  Thanks for following along my exciting publishing journey! I did have some ideas to make my MaTh (math activity Thursday) a fun video linky party!  Things just need to settle a bit more and then I should be ready to get back to the weekly/bi-weekly link-up.

Take care everyone!
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