Thursday, October 15, 2015

Now I'm reviewing books, link to the review for This is NOT a Math Book

Hey everyone!

I've had a good amount of things happening lately.  I went to a local SCBWI event in Orange County called Editors Day and I met Ronna.  She has a great children's book review site called that she started years ago.  I mentioned to her about my book and showed her The Pancake Menu, but she said she doesn't review independent books but if I wanted to post a review I can put my bio and links there.

I thought that would be great, at first thinking I would just review once.  Then I found out she would love to have someone to go over math related books that come her way--so now I am a book reviewer too!

Here is the link to my first review:

The publisher, Kane Miller, does not put their books on Amazon but there is a link to buy it in the review directly from Usborne (which Kane Miller is the imprint of).

It was fun to review and I look forward to seeing what other math related books come out.  I might also be doing some crafting and cooking ones as well as a few books I think my little kids might like.

Oh, and in other news--I am going to be selling my book at a local Elementary School book fair in about three weeks!  It is in connection with Skylight Books located in Los Angeles.  I'm super excited to have my book in their store!

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