Thursday, December 17, 2015

Cool shapes to make with pattern blocks!

Hello everyone,

I finally got a nifty set of used (and totally awesome) wooden pattern blocks. Apparently it brought much joy to my oldest son, now 14 because he would play with them any free time he could get in Kindergarten.  So, for the last few days I'd find neat pattern block configurations on my kitchen table. I had to document them.  Take a look!

The Pancake Menu

This last one was really neat and I finally got a picture of him with his creation...
Then, since he was having so much fun, my preschooler had her hand with the blocks.  I was impressed : )
In other updates, I just got the confirmation from Baker & Taylor (a book wholesaler) that my vendor application has started to process, so soon I'll be able to be listed with them and The Pancake Menu will be in Barnes & Noble stores shortly thereafter : )  Hooray!!!


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