Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Preparing for presentations and selling at The Great Homeschool Convention in Ontario, CA

Hello everyone,

I'm prepping to go to The Great Homeschool Convention in a couple days in Ontario, CA! The Great Homeschool Conventions host four conventions a year in the spring in different places in the US.

For a smaller business like mine it was a big leap to be a vendor, but I hope to be able to share my knowledge as I give two talks and as I sell my book there.

My talks are entitled "Making Math Interactive: Tips & Tricks for how to turn math problems and everyday items into hands-on fun!" and "Hands-on Math Activities: How to connect everyday activities with math and get kids excited about it!"  I am happy to share the hand out with you after my presentation!

The convention goes on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, and luckily I get to give my presentations first thing Friday morning, two one hour sessions almost to back with a 30 minute break between sessions.  I have some great tips and suggestions planned as well as talking a bit about my book : )
Wish me luck! Thanks!
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