Thursday, March 2, 2017

Math activity Thursday (M.a.Th.) -- fun new YouTube video series! Everyday experiences turn into hands-on math activities!


I'm so excited to present my first Math activity Thursday as a weekly video series! Okay, last year I tried to start but I found that editing and doing it all was very time consuming, so this time I have help. : )

Please subscribe to my YouTube channel--it's free! And, if you really love it, please consider pitching in a monthly contribution on my Patreon page (where your support helps keep my videos ad-free!). All Patrons get some bonus items : )

I used to make the Thumbnail image...
I think my video editor did a nice job with pulling all my footage together. I didn't use a script, but I will be trying to use a script from now on.

So here it is... M.a.Th. with Apples--The first in the video series : )

I'd love your feedback! You can comment here on the blog or on the YouTube video comments : )  I hope you and your kids have fun learning about math as you get a healthy dose of apples!

This M.a.Th. was based off of one of my first blog posts from nearly four years ago! 

Enjoy your Thursday!
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